The New Capitalism

Further to my earlier post on the Equality Trust, I have now discovered that the Trust sees its main role as being to promote the message of “The Spirit Level” (see previous post) in the UK. And it has done this with considerable success, with some of the nation’s most influential politicians committed to reducing inequality. In contrast, politicians in many other countries show no sign of being aware that inequality is a bad thing. In Australia, as the earnings of the rich become even more obscenely high, this seems to be seen by top politicians as an index of the country’s economic progress, rather than as a sign that things are going disastrously wrong.

Interestingly, there are, around the world, incredibly rich people, such as Bill Gates and Richard Branson, who seem, independently of “The Spirit Level,” to have recognized that it is necessary to shift the focus of capitalism away from profit, and they are doing plenty about it, using their wealth to promote projects that emphasize community and environment. In the process they seem to be finding that these projects are capable of turning a tidy profit in spite of not being hard-nosed.

Richard Branson’s 2012 book “Screw Business as Usual, ” published by Virgin Books, gives an exciting and inspiring account of what has been and what can be achieved by this approach.

More, more, more!

One thought on “The New Capitalism

  1. Mind you – the inequalities that Gates et al are now apparently addressing would not exist if they hadn’t so profited from the disparities in wealth distribution in the first place…

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